Membership With The Jamaica Olympic Association

  APPLICATION PROCESS FOR MEMBERSHIP TO THE JAMAICA OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION 1. A letter of application for membership. 2. Evidence of legal incorporation of the Federation/Association (i.e. Certificate of Registration or Document of Incorporation). 3. The Federation’s Constitution. 4. A minimum three-year strategic development plan detailing how the Federation/Association plans to establish and increase representation at a competitive level as well as support for the sport locally and in the Diaspora. 5. The Minutes of the Federation’s/Association’s meeting in which the resolution was passed endorsing application to the JOA for membership as well as appointment of Bankers, Accountants, Attorneys-at-Law. Names of Board of Directors, President, General Secretary and other Administrators where applicable along with contact information such as office and mobile telephone numbers, email addresses, website/webpage. REVIEW PROCESS The submitted documentation will be reviewed by the Chief Executive Officer and President and an interview date scheduled with representatives of the Federation/Association. The JOA interview panel will consist of the President, selected members of the Board and the CEO. Following the interview, if the panel finds the documentation and interview satisfactory:

  • A letter of approval with effective date of membership is prepared and sent to the applicant.
  •  A certificate of membership is later prepared and an induction ceremony scheduled.

UPDATES – The relevant confirmation documents are prepared and updates are sent to the prospective Member(s) through the Member Relations Management.


Member associations have common needs which are reflected in budgets, strategic plans and development plans submitted to the JOA.
Based on the quality and detail we can advocate for the support of specific areas which include but are not limited to:

Athlete support
Training in Administrative Sport Management
Equipment for training and competition
Nutrition for training
Transportation for training and competition
Accommodation for competition

The JOA requests that regular updates are provided for activities that the funds have been used to assist with the execution of the development programme which may influence getting additional support if possible of resource available:

Member need an online account to apply for funding. Please use link below


JOA allows access to the varied specialist areas and facilities it has . This will assist in the development of your association by offering facilities which may be not economically unattainable otherwise. Our own specialist will provide consulting and other services to meet the needs of your associations These include but are not limited to:

Meeting Facilities
Office Services – Copy, Print, Scan
Marketing Support
Web Page Design / Technology Support
Business Development Support
Transportation Rental

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